Textbook Room - first door on left when entering the A Gate

Teachers: Need Help Ordering Books? Click here for information!

Nicole Fitzhugh - Textbook Clerk


510 - 644 - 6139

OPEN Mon-Thur 8am-4pm

before school, at lunch and after school

if the lights are on, knock on door, or see note for Clerk's location

Clearing Books & Bills

Did you get an email from the library or textbook room saying you have an overdue or lost book?

Here’s what you do:

  1. Bring in the book! Is it at home? Under the bed? In the car? Get a list from the library or textbook room to help you gather all of your items.
  2. Is it lost? Get a bill from the library or textbook room. Pay the fine at the ASB counter in the registrar’s office (in D Building - across from the main office, open 8 - 12:30 M- F). Show us the receipt.

Need help? Talk to a librarian or textbook clerk for support clearing your bills.